Annual Pass Benefits

Norwich Parks Tennis Annual Pass is really simple and great value for money. Whether you choose to play at one venue or all of them you can expect the following benefits:

  • No extra costs!      Anyone in your household can play tennis on the courts for free
  • Reserve your court!      Online court booking up to 14 days in advance
  • Play after dark?      You play under the floodlights in the evening for an additional fee (Eaton Park only)
  • Watch the professionals!      Enter our ballot for Wimbledon tickets
  • Whenever you want!      Play 365 days a year


Play at One Venue?

Take out an Annual Pass at one venue for £35 per year

Play at all Venues?

The all venue Annual Pass  costs £55 per household per year and is available below


All Venue Membership

12 months membership

Membership for anyone that lives within your household to play tennis at either Eaton Park, Harford Park, Lakenham Recreation Ground or Waterloo Park

Eligibility: Must live at the same address