Pay and Play at Any of Our Venues

Experience Tennis Your Way


Instant Access Across All Venues: Ready for a spontaneous tennis match? Our pay and play option is available at every venue, offering you the flexibility to play whenever you feel like it. Whether you're in the mood for a quick game or an extended session, our courts are always ready for your tennis adventures.

Affordable and Flexible Rates: Starting from just £6 per hour, our pay and play rates are designed to suit every budget. Planning to play under the stars? We've got you covered with additional fees for playing under floodlights, ensuring your evening matches are just as exhilarating as your daytime games.

Booking Your Court is Effortless:

  1. Select Your Venue: Begin by choosing your preferred venue. Each of our locations offers a unique playing experience.
  2. Navigate to Booking: Head over to the venue page to access the booking section.
  3. Pick Your Court: Browse through the available courts at your chosen venue and select the one that appeals to you.
  4. Register Your Details: A quick sign-up process will get you ready to play in no time.
  5. Make the Payment: Secure your slot with a straightforward payment process.
  6. Receive Your PIN Code: We'll email you the PIN code and also display it on-screen for immediate access.
  7. Access Your Court: Simply enter the PIN at the court and enjoy your game!

Your Game, Your Rules: Our pay and play option is perfect for everyone – whether you're honing your skills, challenging a friend, or just seeking a fun, active break. Each of our venues is equipped to provide you with an enjoyable and hassle-free tennis experience. Book now and discover the joy of tennis on your terms, at any of our locations!