When are the courts open?

  • The parks will be open in line with our booking system in conjunction with the Norwich City Council opening/closing times, please refer to their website for details.
  • Eaton Park gates will not be closed so you are able to play under lights even when the park is closed

How do I purchase an Annual Pass registration?

  • Please visit our Annual Pass web page. Payment is made online and the charge is £35/£55 for 12 months.

Do I have to be a resident of Norwich?

  • No, anyone can purchase an annual registration and make a court booking.

I only want to play once or twice, what can I do?

  • We offer a pay and play option charged at £6 per hour per court. During the times that the floodlights are in use the charge will be £2.50 per 30 mins per court, please refer to floodlight guidelines

Do I get an annual registration for each person in the household?

  • No. You only have one membership per household. Any member of the household can use this to access the courts.

Once I have an annual registration do I still have to pay court fees?

  • No. Once you get an annual registration court bookings can then be made at no cost. 

Once I have an annual registration do I have to book the courts that I want to use?

  • Yes. You will still need to book courts using the online booking system.

Once I have booked my court, how do I get access? 

  • Once you have booked your court you will receive your booking confirmation. Your booking confirmation will include a PIN which you can then enter into the keypad at the access gate at the courts. The PIN will be active 15 minutes before the booked session.

How many sessions can I book per day?

  • Members and non-members may make one booking up to two hours per day and a maximum of 4 times every 7 days.

Can I purchase an Annual Pass for coaching purposes?

  • Only professional National Tennis Association coaches are authorised to deliver coaching activities on the courts. The annual registration and the pay and play rates are not permitted for this purpose.

If I have purchased an Annual Pass, am I tied into a contract?

  • No. You initially pay for 12 months membership and if you want to carry on using the courts after that you can pay for each year's renewal as you go.

If I have purchased an Annual Pass, when does it start?

  • The membership will be activated when you register your email address and create a password for your online account.

Am I entitled to a concessionary rate if I am in receipt of benefits?

  • There are no concessionary rates.

What happens if I purchase an annual registration part way through the year? Is there a reduced fee? 

  • No. There is no reduced fee. From the time you activate your account that is when your 12-month membership starts.

Once I have joined can I stop it part way through the 12 months?  

  • No. Once you have joined and paid for your membership this will run for 12 months and not be part refunded for any reason.

Can I hire equipment?

  • Unfortunately we do not offer that facility.

Can I cancel a booking I have already made?

  • If you wish to cancel a booking (for example due to ill health or not being able to attend) you must cancel it via your account (my bookings) or the confirmation email.
  • Cancellations made within 24 hours of the court booking will not be eligible for a refund or transfer. 
  • NB. No cash refunds will be given. A refund will be applied to the card which was used at the time of booking (it may take up to 10 working days for this refund to show on the payment method.)

If I see damage to the courts or anti-social behaviour who should I report this to?

  • If you notice the courts are damaged or unsafe  please contact our office
  • If you witness anti-social behaviour on courts and feel unsafe contact the police on 101 or 999 in case of emergency